BCD Biography & Credentials

Bayview Casting & Design is an American company with creative ideas, quality cast metal products, and enthusiasm for the future of our nation.

BCD ownership has decades of small business experience in the antiques, design, and personal/business accessories markets. We often say we have one foot in the 19th Century and one foot in the 21st, and that translates into authentic design details, a dedication to quality products, and a steady focus on customer service.

Our cast metal products have always been Made in the USA. This gives us control of the entire production process, which in turn gives our customers fast order fills and the benefit of working with small order projects. Our design services can guide you in creating custom metal art, whether it is jewelry casting, custom metal products, or personalized accessories for yourself and your businesses.


BCD works with quality vendors throughout the country and across the Internet.

Become a BCD Vendor

Bayview Casting & Design welcomes the opportunity to work with quality vendors. We offer wholesale prices with MAPP controls, attentive customer care, and drop shipping services. Contact us for all the details.

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